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S-Camp Ski

Ages: 5 - 13

Join the ever-growing group of young skiers learning to ski in our Terrain Based Learning area specially designed for fun and skill building. Our S-Camp sessions provide a fun and unique twist on the traditional boring old way of learning. Like all of our lesson programs, the S-Camp program allows new snowsport enthusiasts exclusive use of our Terrain Based Learning features. This program provides a much more in-depth learning process giving new and returning skiers the ability to expand their potential each and every time they take part in our S-Camp lesson. Our day begins with Check-in between 8:30 and 8:55 for the morning session and 12:30 to 12:55 for our afternoon session. Drop-off/check-in will take place at the snow sports desk in the main lodge. (This is going to be toughest part but trust our talented staff to take care of your loved ones. It is actually much better to love from a distance than smother out the flame with too much love.) This program will use a variety of learning techniques to provide an active way of learning difficult skills through fun and active play and new ranges of motion. (This may or may not include non-snow based skill sets) Each S-Camp participant will receive a snack and warm beverage during the session.